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After a few months, I started making more money doing affiliate marketing than I made at my software engineering day job.

At this point, I was comfortable enough with this steady income, so I quit my job in March 2008 and began doing affiliate marketing (a form of User Acquisition) full-time.

They wouldn’t have to dress up, spend a pop on expensive pink cocktails, or even leave the house.

Without ever changing out of their scuzzy, old bathrobes, without ever venturing out of their parents’ basements, they could find love…or at least beautiful women.

I think back to the time when I first started scraping by, spending my own money on affiliate campaigns.

Back then, I knew how to be persuasive, but I didn’t have much experience.

I befriended someone who’d had enormous success in this arena.Now, I want to provide the same tools and resources to the next generation. I want to work with people who are ready to grow their business exponentially, not just maintain the status quo.When you work directly with User Acquisition.com, we’ll have multiple people working on your project. I’ve put together a top-notch team and only hire trusted people who have generated good results with me on past projects.The first several weeks were painful—I spent more money than I was making, a common plight in online advertising. I’d figured out the right combination of ad targeting and ad creative. To tell you the truth, my best-performing dating advertisements make me cringe when I see them today.It’s not my finest moment, as a copywriter or as a man.

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