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One hundred million voting-age Americans in 2016 didn't even bother to show up.

With many families torn up over values expressed as voting behaviors, we might invest some energy in discovering common ground.

And when you are looking for your one and only partner, you also must understand that you cannot attract that person unless you understand who that person is - like attracts like.

How about starting IRL and understanding who you are from a "voting" (i.e., values) standpoint?

I was very fortunate to have Shirley Vollett, as my coach and am looking forward to utilizing her services at the next level.

The coaching/program no doubt played a major role in knowing who I am and choosing a life partner.Book your complimentary coaching session with Shirley to discuss your situation and learn more about how this program can benefit you.3) Conscious Dating: Attracting the Love of Your Life Program is one-to-one phone coaching which focuses on the ongoing “process” of attracting a partner, and taking action related to this goal.The desire to give and receive love, to share your life with another, is a powerful catalyst for personal and spiritual growth.From the moment we awaken to that desire, we embark on a journey of growth.

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Her resources and encouragement equipped and gave me the courage to follow my vision.

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