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In fact, though most Brits […] Do conversations with your partner make you question your own sanity or perception of reality?Do you often find yourself apologising or making excuses for them?Not only are we in the midst of the great Kiwi man drought, there’s an education gap to boot between the few available men and their higher-qualified female counterparts looking for love.Continue reading Sasha Madarasz has been interviewed on TV One’s Good Morning show in 2005, 20.Sugar Daddy nz has been trying to make sugar dating as simple as possible and take away the awkwardness from the whole process.We just want everyone to be comfortable with each other and find a suitable match – a happy match or a millionaire match.Sugar daddy – sugar baby relationships are not about sex.

They want a fun and flirty friend to accompany them without commitments.

Women here are not selling your body for money, and there is no direct expectation at any time that whatever payment your sugar daddy provides translates directly into sex.

Instead, the entire mutually beneficial relationship includes so much more.

Sasha Madarasz has been writing dating advice for The Parnell Darling Magazine since 2005, Verge Magazine since 2011 and the 3News Website since 2009.

Continue reading It’s Valentine’s Day, which means roses, chocolates and romantic dinners are all in store for many of you today.

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