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Does this inspire confidence in Watchtower interpretation?Jehovah's Witnesses promoted these falsehoods in the past, and continue to zealously advocate current doctrine as unfailing truths.On a number of occasions the Watchtower put a line in the sand when saying a specific event was going to happen on a specific date.When those dates passed without event those statements proved beyond argument to be false.

Under Knorr’s direction, a group of Witnesses produced a new translation of the Bible. In 2000 Henschel stepped down in a reorganization of the leadership and was replaced by Don A. The movement’s headquarters were transferred to Warwick, New York, in 2016.Rutherford molded the Witnesses into a cadre of dedicated evangelists, even equipping members with portable phonographs to play his “sermonettes” on street corners and in the living rooms of prospective converts.Under Rutherford’s leadership, Russell’s group became a tightly knit organization.It is claimed that Jesus found a cleansed Slave Class dispensing truthful food in 1919.However, Rutherford continued to promote Russell's interpretation of the dates for the 1700's, 1800's and 1914 until the 1930's.

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