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Then I asked my friends, “How long do men generally pay for dates if the relationship continues? As a relationship writer who’s single, I spend a lot of time talking to men and women about how they date.Cohen also asked about signs that a date wasn’t interested or attracted during a first date, and women noted six signs, including discussing exes, waving goodbye instead of hugging or kissing goodbye, not initiating contact after the date. They listed no behaviors to indicate a woman might not be interested.Women were tuned in to their dates’ signals of attraction and investment; men took note of less and even reasoned away or glossed over signs of lack of interest.“When it comes to an evolutionary view, they would lose mating opportunities.

“But male initiation is certainly a strong norm, and I agree with your intuition that this is in part a self-protective behavior.” If men are traditionally “expected to be sexually and romantically assertive,” Mc Clintock says rejection may be less of an issue for them.

Although men were still generally expected to plan and pay for dates, women who paid for dates became much more common.

In one study, 72% of men had been on a date where the woman paid, and 76% of women daters footed the bill at least once also (Lottes, 1993).

I looked into the research more to see how dating has changed in the past few decades.

In the 1980’s, men and women both expected gender differentiated roles on dates.

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