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Excerpt: When I was talking with you, I noticed that you had the same baritone voice with your father, Pete Edochie. Rather, it’s just God’s blessing that I am who I am today.

Have you had any cause to be on the same movie location with your father? The last time I worked with him on set was in 2010/2011.

But because of the kind of person I am, I decided to define my own path in life.

That’s why I said earlier that I’m not living under his shadows.

If you hadn’t gotten married then would you have gotten married to someone in the industry? Not everybody around her knows that she is my wife and when they see me with her, they would be wondering what we are doing together always.

Yeah of course there are a lot of good people in the industry. I can’t say (laughs), if I say that it means I am actually looking for another wife. I just wanted to learn how to act from the actors.‎ How does your wife cope with your celebrity lifestyles? She has given me three wonderful kids and we are doing perfectly well.

You have older ones who were not married then, and going by the Igbo tradition you hardly get married before those older than you. It wasn’t really a problem at that time I had two brothers who were not married and they told me I should go ahead if that’s what I wanted. You know I love the fact that we are talking about this.

The young ones now see me living well and doing well and they want to be like me in a day, but it takes time.

When I joined the industry newly, I worked with him on the same set. I was named after a Hollywood actor, Yul Brynner who acted in 1956 movie, ‘The King and I.’ Then, my father loved watching Hollywood movies and the actor in question had this kind of my baritone voice.

And your father approved of you getting married at a very young age? My father too got married when he was 22 years old. I think my parents helped me because I have known my wife for a longtime.

How did you summon the courage to take such step at that age?

You need to be focused and not just focused, have passion in what you do.

Believe in that thing whether or not you are going to die, keep doing it. I am happy we are talking about this it was crazy but I thank God I am fine.

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