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Being an American by nationality, she is very proud of her country and what the country represents.

She completed her education in 2015 in arts and communication from the La Salle University.

Michelle Mc Cool is Dating Mark Calaway Better Known as The Undertaker. We can assume this girl was Jillian because when we first see her in 'Whistle While Your Wife Works', we find out she and Brian have been dating for awhile but the answer to your question is actually...

There is no episode where we see Brian meeting Jillian.

She has not officially introduced anyone, till recently.

Very recently, she tweeted that her boyfriend is from Boston.

Who he is, is not known either; all she has tweeted is his location, which is Boston.

Jillian Mele was born to Roseanna Mele and Thomas Mele on 17th September 1982 in Philadelphia.

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She started her career as a new anchor and steadily moved to her current position.

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