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Holly sonder was previously married to her ex-husband Erik Kuselias and got divorced in 2016.

After divorcing Erik Kuselias, Holly Sonders remained single for a while. Erik Kuselias affair with Stephania Bell could have been the reason behind the divorce.

Sonder shared a video of Kingsbury’s introduction from the Arizona Cardinals in her Twitter account.After dating for some time they got engaged in 2012. Erik has a son named Troy, who was born from his previous relationship. He was suspended from ESPN for sexually harassing his co-workers and cheating his first wife. He was found flirting and having affairs with Stephania Bell for which Holly ended the relationship with Erik and got divorced in 2016. The first time I saw doe-eyed Holly Madison, I thought she was in her late teens or early twenties.They had met on a previous occasion while they were both in other relationships.As for Zak Bagans, little to nothing is known about his relationship history. He added the bed on which Lamar Odom overdoses to his queer collection.

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She is so proud of Kingsbury’s selection as a new coach for Arizona. Right now, Holly Sonders’ boyfriend Kliff must be feeling like he is in the top of the world.

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