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Unfortunately, she needs to drag her new friends, Olive and Fletcher, out of their shells to experience it.

She is teased by Lexi because Lexi sees her as a threat.

In The Ph ANTom Locker, Chyna has a crush on a High Schooler, and later helps Olive get over her fear of her "haunted" locker, by tricking her into getting into her locker at night, but later finds out that Cameron was the ghost, after Olive moves into her locker and "organizes" it for her. In Bad Rom ANTs, Chyna and Fletcher help Gibson get back together with his girlfriend, Sophie.

In Stud ANT Council, Olive tricked Chyna into running for student council because she didn't want to. In The Inform ANT, Chyna digs through the trash to get a Free-Village bag and is accused of shoplifting by her dad. In Clairvoy ANT, she convinces Cameron he's psychic after he feels down about not having a talent.

The next day, Chyna surprises Olive and Fletcher when she has a whole music station set up and says they're gonna need a lot more wax figures if they want to have some more fun.

In Particip ANTs, Chyna and Olive search for extracurricular activities to join.

Chyna usually gets Olive and Fletcher to join in with events, such as organizing prom and the ANTernet. Chyna thinks her talent is talking but Olive says she has an eidetic memory.

At tryouts for the school play, Chyna's injured and ugly, but she still tries.

She gives a heartbreaking speech which lands her the lead role, which was the same speech by the Hunchback Of Notre Dame.

Fletcher explains that he's an artist, and is sculpting the class for an assignment.

In music class, Chyna accidentally sits in Lexi's chair, so Lexi pushes her off it to see if this "Chyna is breakable". Zimbaldi notices Chyna on the ground and helps her up, seeing that she's a new prodigy.

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Chyna Anne Parks is a musical prodigy and the main protagonist of the Disney Channel series A. Her other talents are dancing, cheerleading and drama.

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