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It’s not even about a woman, this person is absolutely extraordinary."She added: "It was an extraordinary connection - it’s been amazing."Anna was with her long-term boyfriend for 18 years before the pair separated in 2013.

Sue, who shot to fame in the Mel and Sue show back in 1993, was in a relationship with actress and TV presenter Emma Kennedy for five years before splitting and dating artist Kate Williams.

Anna and Sue confirmed they were in a relationship at the end of last year, having met at a party and struck up more than a friendship.

Speaking about her parents' reaction to her dating another woman, Anna said she was pleased they could both see how happy she was.

Anna, who is famous for her show Secret Eaters, revealed she fell for Great British Bake Off star Sue Perkins after experiencing an 'extraordinary connection'.The 44 year-old said: "My dad’s a vicar, my mum’s an RE teacher so you would think ‘this isn't going to go down very well’ but actually they were really, really open to the whole thing."They can see that I’m happy!"She added: "People become obsessed with sex and just want to know ‘what is it you do in bed?Other TV work includes Channel 4’s The Sex Education Show, Secret Eaters, How Not To Get Old, and Supershoppers.Naked Attraction airs a repeat of episode 2 of season 2 tonight on Channel 4 at 11.05pm.

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