When a guy says you are intimidating

But sometimes, it is about me, which is even more frustrating.I was recently having a discussion about politics with a man on a dating app. It’s a personal interest of mine, and it aligns with a lot of my work.While I think a lot of this is in connection to finishing my degree and mentioning it a lot over the past year, sometimes this happens totally unconnected to anything school-related. At least when I can connect it to my degree, I can tell myself that some men are just insecure.Maybe they have met women who expect them to match their education level.

I don’t expect men to have had the same educational path as I have had.

Over the last year, much of my free time has been spent writing my dissertation, defending my dissertation, and celebrating being done with my doctorate.

During this time, I have experienced all range of emotions, as anyone going through this process has.

But, I guess one thing I hadn’t considered is that prior to my dissertation, I didn’t really talk about some of this stuff with men I was just meeting.

I would talk about my job if they asked, and maybe mention some of my volunteer projects, but I didn’t really specifically mention my degree.

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