Warning sign of dating violence

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"I do not know the people very well so I did not intrude on it.She's also shocked that many of her students, even those who've previously taken sex education classes, say they have not learned about about consent, how to assert themselves, how to give consent and other "complicated things that come with relationships and that can be a recipe for abusive relationships," Barrett said.Barrett says people should ask themselves several questions about their partners to spot warning signs: When students approach her, Barrett, a former social worker, says she often does a quick risk assessment of the situation and tries to determine if there are any safety issues.The reason survivors say this is because when they look back on their relationship they see all the signs of an unhealthy relationship.Unhealthy relationships often escalate into domestic violence and sometimes can even turn deadly.

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Dawson College social services teacher Rosemary Barrett says nearly every semester a student approaches her after class to open up about an experience with intimate partner violence.

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