Updating xpe sp1 images to sp2

The CR0 register is 32 bits long on the 386 and higher processors.

An installation of Windows on your PC should already be highlighted, assuming Windows exists on there at all (it doesn't need to).

The installer for Vista SP2 (Windows6.0-KB948465-X86.exe) is around 350 MB but if you don’t want to download that big a file, wait until Microsoft pushes the SP2 patch via the Windows Update or Automatic Updates feature as that will only download the essential components.

An important point - you will be able to install Windows Vista SP2 only when your systems are already running Service Pack 1.

This will be labeled as For Windows XP to install on a partition on a hard drive, it has to be formatted to use a particular file system — either the FAT file system format or the NTFS file system format.

NTFS is more stable and secure than FAT and is always the recommended choice for a new Windows XP installation.

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In that case, the best option is to either perform an in-place upgrade using your original Windows Vista DVD or reinstall Vista from scratch, then install SP1 followed by a file clean-up and then update to Service Pack 2.

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