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While not every scammer is the same, most often they will claim:non-smokernon-drinker or occasional drinker onlyreligious or "God-fearing"single (widower or divorced) father.

Scammers playing females:-When playing a female character, a scammer will typically use photos of someone very young and highly attractive.-Does the photo match the person's written description -- age, nationality, eye color, hair color, etc?A "no" answer to any of these questions is also a very clear warning sign.We recommend searching for all photos you receive on multiple search engines Keep in mind, however, that a negative result does not guarantee you are not dealing with a scammer.Some scammers plan ahead and verify that their photos will not trigger any search results, or even edit them so they aren't a match, and they may even then encourage you to search for them, using the lack of results as "proof" they are honest.

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Scammers playing males choose professions that make them appear to be successful and reliable.

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