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Wood cook fires will coat your pots in messy soot and that can get inside your pack if you dont clean them properly before packing.

It takes longer to cook over a campfire since you have to get the fire going, burn enough wood to create a good bed of coals, then wait for the fire to die down some so you can get close enough to the fire to start cooking.

== 'undefined') VAnimrod: Not a lot of info in your post, so not sure what you're asking.

If you are asking if any other stoves are as good as the SVEA 123, then the answer is definitely yes.

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Today, many people are reluctant to have a campfire because of the impact on the environment.

This is most obvious in high-use areas such as US Forest Service campgrounds and other high-use places where people camp often.

White gas is moderately priced when considered on a per unit basis, compared to other fuels. It is not as clean as white gas and consequently it can clog tiny orifices like those in the jets of small camp stoves. Kerosene is also a petroleum distillate and it delivers more BTUs per unit than gasoline but it creates soot in its flame and it is not as clean as white gas, so it has a tendency to clog tiny orifices like those in stove jets, just like unleaded gas. Butane will not atomize at temperatures below freezing.

Isobutane is relatively expensive on a per unit basis.

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