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There is one minor nuisance that bugs me about the plane - I find that its arms are too long for cutting dados.

The arms need to be as long as they are so that the tool can cut grooves over the same range that common ploughs do.

Do be sure that you're after the proper guard plate as there is a very subtle difference between them where the earlier ones have small thumb screws to fasten the guard plate to the sliding section and the later ones have slotted screws to accomplish the same.

Test that your guard plate's inner face is flush with the inner face of the sliding section, when the guard plate is attached.

He held the basic patent for the #45This is yet another in a series of combination planes offered by Stanley.

Stanley must have recognized that the long arms bugged other guys since they quickly added the #47, and was designed to function only as a dado plane as evidenced by the short 4" arms that are provided with the plane.

The arms are only long enough to accomodate the widest cutter and the sliding section.

The batten is tacked along the right side of the dado's position on the wood so that the right side of the plane has a consistant reference to cut the dado.

The depth stop is positioned on the sliding section, which is opposite when grooving or rabbeting where the depth stop is positioned on the main stock.

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