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Here, three women open up about what it’s really like to squirt during sex. But when I just let go, I realized that I could squirt. My partner was going down on me and fingering me at the same time and all of a sudden the sheets were soaked. I knew about squirting but I was definitely not trying to squirt.

Woman A: I had been doing some research on squirting and one thing that came up a lot was to just let go and let your body do what it wanted while you were having an orgasm, so I tried it.

Every wondered how to become a squirter or how to make women squirt?

What better way to find out than from women who love to squirt.

I’ve only squirted with my husband, and since he knows that I feel some shame, he reassures me that it’s normal and sexy.Woman C: I first I noticed I was having more intense orgasms and that they were more wet than usual, but I didn’t know squirting was a thing.Then I had an orgasm in missionary and it seemed as if I just peed, although the feeling was far from it. My next step is to appeal in person at HQ pic.twitter.com/t TSQUBtcp I Hey guys, just a reminder that we're going down on you 😉 for about 1.5 hrs from 9am EST (that's in about 15 mins time). When we're back up, you'll have brand new search filters for video on mobile. I’m still fighting to get my profile instagram.com/blueyedblksheep reactivated, so I made this video to serve as another appeal to @instagram Please reactivate my profile!

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Woman C: Right before I felt like my body temperature rose from between my legs to my stomach and legs.

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