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Beat your boys by getting more phone numbers than they get! Erica really, really likes you You have to get Erica's fungus! Disgust, Anger Round 3: Suspicion, Laughter, Attraction Round 4: Laughter, Disgust, Suspicion, Anger Round 5: Order for 2nd trial is: I'm supposed to be taping Jeapardy for my Uncle Vicki right now, sorry! She has a bit of a dorky appearance and some very uninteresting hobbies. SHANA A dreamy and not so down to earth kind of girl, a modern hippy dealing with astrology and spiritual stuff.

It was time to go to Sanctuary and unleash my Master Plan.

Equip yourself for either severe babe-hunting or one-on-one romancing!

FAQs/Guides are posted in their original, unaltered form.For Sprung on the DS, FAQ/Walkthrough by Patt3rson. You've arrived at Snow Bird Mountain with your best friend, Becky. SPRUNG: THE DATING GAME | | | | FAQ/Walkthrough for DS Written by Patt3rson. Here, you first talk to Alex and talk to her about tatoos until she asks you if you have one and then avoid it in some way. Be sure that you hav etalked about him touching his tongue in the one before this. Then when he can't do it, talk to Becky at all costs! We will only send 1 email to you if there has been 1 or more replies since your last viewing.You can unsubscribe again here or in your account settings pages at any time.

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