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While it might be tiny, this drone comes fully packed with technology, including obstacle detection, GPS, stabilization and the ability to recognize hand gestures as flying commands.Controlling a drone with just a wave of our hand is easily the coolest thing we’ve ever done and the closest we’ve ever come to being a Jedi.Unlike most other drones, the DJI Spark also has stubbly feet rather than extended landing gear.This is in part to keep the drone as small as possible while also making it comfortable enough to hold when landing the drone onto your palm.The DJI Spark hopes to be the first to make its mark with a blend of compactness, automated features and an affordable price point.

The DJI Spark might be small, but its main body feels dense and solid as a brick.Its automatic flight capabilities and ability to recognize hand gestures outshine its few problems.have given us a sneak preview of the upcoming DJI Mavic 2.However, if you look past the headlining features, the DJI Spark runs into a few unavoidable issues that come with the limitations of being so small.With a starting price of 9 (£519, AU9) the DJI Spark is the company’s most affordable drone.

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