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And then, her guardian, who came to live with her, turned out to be her homeroom teacher, Nishizono-sensei...You can read the manga here: The teacher and student does get together! The characters are very well-drawn and they story is a flirty blast! In fact, nobody even really knows that she is Hana's twin sister, because despite looking alike, there is still a large gap between the levels of their beauty and popularity.

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HOWEVER, this is just one volume out of four--so it's pretty short. Only the first volume is the teacher/student relationship. The characters are drawn very well, especially the teacher, who looks VERY charming.

Basically, it's about a teacher who meets a girl who's also into gaming. But I have to say, the second volume is pretty good too, about a girl who has forbidden desires. Summary: After losing their parents, Fumino and her brother hop from one relative to another.

Iku loves her big brother Yori enough that she would risk losing him and she'll do what it takes to keep them together. You can read the manga here: Though the brother and sister didn't officially get together, it is very obviously hinted that after they met when they were older, they continued their relationship. =D The way the mangaka plots the story makes it seem as if the teacher/counselor is a student rather than some older dude who takes responsibilities.

The counselor/teacher is also a bit perverted, so that makes this story a thriller. The author also wrote Peach Girl, which is a really love-triangle type of manga. Summary: The story is about an ordinary (and rather unpopular) girl named Ageha who is constantly overshadowed by her popular and beautiful twin sister, Hana.

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Because Ageha grew up in the countryside with their grandmother while Hana was raised by their parents, the two girls ended up with drastically different personalities.

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