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Smoosh started in 2000 when the family was at a Seattle music store The Trading Musician, standing in line to restring a violin.Asy and Chloe wandered into the drum section of the store, where Chloe met Jason Mc Gerr, the drummer for Death Cab for Cutie. Then people started saying it Smoosh, with the ooo sound. Four years later, in September 2004, Smoosh's full-length debut She Like Electric was released under Pattern 25 Records.The original Fallout games have inspired fans to build their own MMOs on a system called FOnline.As is usually the norm in PC modding, these projects are comprised of several groups of volunteers, modders, and developers, according to PCGames N.EVE: Echoes is a new i OS/Android version of New Eden from EVE Online.Set in an alternate video of New Eden, EVE: Echoes allows players to experience the full authentic experience of EVE Online, but on their mobile device.\r\n\r\n Coming to i OS/Android in 2019.In early 2008, they toured with Tokyo Police Club and The Dresden Dolls.In June 2010, Smoosh released their third album, Withershins (previously titled The World's Not Bad). Chaos Chaos provided vocals to George Watsky on the song "Brave New World" off of his album x Infinity, which released on August 19, 2016.

The band was formed in Seattle under the name Smoosh in 2000 and adopted their current name in 2012.

on July 12, 2006, marking their first performance on late night TV.

On August 5, 2007, Smoosh performed at Lollapalooza 2007 at Chicago's Grant Park.

The movie premiered in late July at Flashback Weekend, a Chicago convention devoted to horror and exploitation films.

As I write, it remains unreviewed in Variety, unlisted on Rotten

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