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Some guys have ED as a result of testosterone deficiency, so they get prescribed testosterone treatment/injections and this usually helps.Others have it due to nerve problems which stop the brain from being able to send nerve signals to trigger an erection, other times it may be due to damage of the blood supply to the penis or some other physiological problem.i do my best to provide pleasure in other ways, oral sex, sex toys, fingering my partner etc.

The surgery i'll be having is supposed to help me get erections, but its a long waiting list and i'm not set to be having the surgery until early 2016. i'm fine masutrbating, but currently i dont enjoy it with a partner because i feel impotent and useless.) you in previous relationships, so you care about your partner's pleasure.Me personally, I could handle a guy wanting to wait until marriage so sex isn't a deal breaker for me. I have erectile dysfunction for which i will be having surgery for early in 2016.I cant get erections on my own, pretty much impotent and have never had any major long term relationships.

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