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Quick questions I used the online form to cancel my licence (the refund arrived back in my bank promptly).I've never had a problem with harassment, just a quick letter when I purchased a new TV and another two years later which is what they say will happen.Out-of-State Education Education and training received outside of California must be, at a minimum, substantially equivalent to the requirements applied to California school programs. Notice: Please note that this is only a summary of general requirements and not a complete listing.One important aspect of educational program equivalence is whether the educational institution attended has been approved by the national, regional, or state authority with responsibility for vocational program approvals. Please refer to the CAMTC Application for Certification, California Business and Professions Code section 4600 , School Approval Procedures, Denial Procedures, and all other CAMTC policies and procedures for additional information on these issues.

However, some cities and counties locally require CAMTC Certification for massage professionals.

There are no continuing education requirements for CAMTC Certificate Holders.

For additional information see FAQ page and scroll to the Massage Professionals information.

If you are in an unincorporated area, please check with the county.

Massage professionals may find CAMTC Certification useful as it allows certified individuals to practice their profession in all cities and counties in the State without the need to get a local permit to provide massage for compensation.

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