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(I wasn't looking for one when I joined.)So, yes, you can find one. He made it very clear that he was looking for casual sex with several people.I was much more deliberate this time, and I chose Match with that thought in mind. I truly didn't go into the whole thing because it was just an example of one of my dates.Would you care to elaborate a bit more on your Match observation wrt commitment please?Also I appreciate your comments about LTR work and effort.

It's doesn't change after 50...old messaging .....4 hour calls....5 hour both looses dating I'm just using as a suppliment to finding a LTRI've had 50 dates from online contacts the past 2 years and one 6 month relationship with a woman i met when i moved .....a positive of online dating I've met several empaths....animal communicators and a psychic /empath that I keep in contact with.... It's a grind ...a few friends have met their love but it took 5 years...keep on grinding out those messages.window.___r = {"account Manager Modal Data":,"active Modal Id":null,"ads":,"api Request State":,"approved Submitters":,"author Flair":,"awards":,"badges":,"banned":,"block User":,"brand Safety":,"categories":,"chat":,"claim Gold":,"comments":{"collapsed":,"drafts":,"focused":,"hidden":,"is Editing":,"models":{"t1_d3cxdhy":,"t1_d3cxgp9":,"t1_d3dc4o4":,"t1_d3d4q3o":,"t1_d3d394e":,"t1_d3dbz4g":,"t1_d3dbe35":,"t1_d3cxuny":,"t1_d3doons":,"t1_d3d3gmd":,"t1_d3dc25x":,"t1_d3czomr":,"t1_d3dkbwc":,"t1_d3cxfw4":,"t1_d3cxpod":{"edited At":null,"is Stickied":false,"is Mod":false,"post Author":null,"is Score Hidden":false,"id":"t1_d3cxpod","is Deleted":false,"author":"incognito121212","media":{"richtext Content":{"document":[{"c":[{"e":"text","t":"Thanks. When I write that message, I also include something directly related to the profile like, "I read your profile and really liked the list of books you listed. Or I might make a reference to one of their foods/activities that I also enjoy and ask if they've ever been to X establishment. I am very intrigued though by your "just because I want sex now..." statement.If we are meeting in a public place, say for lunch or coffee and we both have children, what do we do, get down in the car, rent a shady motel for an hour? Do we have to stop at the drug store first together too or are all men prepared 'just in case'?How are we going to meet the good guys when we're wasting so much time with men who refuse to measure up?Plus, the less we accept crap, the less guys will try to give it to us. So let's set the bar, and let's set it high.

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I hear this a lot, but where are those men with no conscience?

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