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Girlfriend Grade: A- I really liked Mona and Ross together.Sadly, she came into his life at a very difficult time.Girlfriend Grade: D Chloe was the reason that Ross and Rachel were unable to get back together during season three.For this reason, she does not rank very high on this list.Rachel was pregnant with his child and living with him.I think if Mona had met Ross around season 4 or 5 their relationship could have lasted a little longer than half of season 8 of Girlfriend Grade: A – Of course, Rachel is going to win the contest as Ross’ best girlfriend.

Girlfriend Grade: F I think we can all agree that The Dirty Girl was hot.Girlfriend Grade: D Kristen was dating Ross and Joey at the same time because they both helped her move into her new apartment and asked her out.She ends up dumping them both when they begin to tell her embarrassing stories about one another during an awkward dinner date.The two had a good relationship during the sixth season. Ross decided to break up with Elizabeth because he felt she was too young for him and as a result had several water balloons thrown at him.Girlfriend Grade: B Bonnie was Phoebe’s crazy friend, who liked to shave her head.

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