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Her volume of work places her ahead of her sister Enid.

Gia & husband Anthony La Paglia 18 GIA CARIDES (Sydney, New South Wales 1964) Zoe Carides is an accomplished actress in Australian films and television, but her sister Gia has also tasted success overseas in American movies as well, so she gets the nod over her sister in my list.

A case is discussed on each episode with drama and chills at every turn.It would have been nice to include Nicole Kidman, Olivia Newton-John, Isla Fisher and Naomi Watts, to mention but a few that many fans (including me) consider to be Aussies.However, as with the men, I have restricted the candidates to those who were actually born in this country.Mischievous bunny Peter (James Corden) and his sisters Flopsy (Margot Robbie), Mopsy (Elizabeth Debicki) and Cotton-tail (Daisy Ridley) have one goal in life — to get past mean old Mr.Mc Gregor (Sam Neill) and help themselves to his garden, the one they believe is theirs because it's built on land their ancestors have inhabited for years. Mc Gregor — his next door neighbor, Bea (Rose Byrne), loves the bunnies and even lets them inside her house when it rains. Mc Gregor passes away, he leaves the house to his nephew, Tom (Domhnall Gleeson), who loves his job at Harrods in London.

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