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Nations whose skins are non-white become equally Involved in racial difference*, both within and with¬ out. *ud it is HJogical to have one S ™'J 1 Rsmwnb.r only Canad.m Plots the opixisitlnn look potsiicl* at It was defeated 63 rn L’8 with department responsible for one . titjoy you way a mining company says the the Conservatives other for another. with toe murine* you will | government intend* to build in Dane Fuitem i PC Kam J«*»psi, T. Douglas, New Demo- * , isiano wcruq par retom n Blmned 'the Labrador bush. ^ - _ Reorganization Hurdles Javelin »iunui nci'n ** t ji & ivuiu it I y tiiuvrvi n nrvvmvi avu, • - ■ ' J - i . , The government already has knvendment s[ecdying the re- agree* with the amservative ^ ^ ^ ^ said it. J Whet to be the winning « run oonac in toe Drat inning e when catcher Ralph Branttog g trlpiad to score Wayne Mac- n Donald.

We have seen the tribal upsets in Africa, for example, where people of the same general pigment ltecome at militant odds with one another, irrespective of the white man. instance hi attached to the newly Inde¬ pendent state of Guyana, formerly the British colony of Guiana. fist years ago today — in 19411 rw ii f ww •****—•» — an armistice was arranged) ———-- 1 —--—- between the British in Iraq and , Ae Scrip,un-, m.' :,nsr-ng*s •“ h * ve “.“t 1 r ^He beltevex toe Russian peot»le now, rather than dedica¬ tion to any International Com- I suggested that Legiariary and other readers unaware of “America's Answer” might want to c Uf» toe letter and verses citwi here two weeks aito- if so iieiliaps tlicy should also pasto tlw above corrrctiun in their scrapbooks. IUI ooumen niai u ADVANCE AUTOMI a mysterious ,000,00(1 high- all |»rties combining against section of the ocean and ^ ^ . immediatrt/ moved a * second c.’fctic P-rty leader, said he ? doesn’t know anything sixmsibility of (he energy, mines view- thai one mmister should ^ ^ abouf it .. S The wwnrra padded tonr lead fi with a torw a nn outburst In tha Track Remits SALE Lc--J* UMte S Oriwa nlillllili TEL MACitiiiuifg NO Mom DOWN 4 Dai* Vynrt, E.

then ripped through the luggage in the backs of the trjrks. titled "In Hander* FVelda” but cootokung other poem* besides the verse* that rang round the workl ■* well as,the Western Front, in which Mr. • • « Guyana achieves indepen¬ dence at a time when more is Trt HERE 1* now a unicanv becoming known about its eco- JL kv I legiatature, the na- nomic potential. tional a x^ e m bty, with a life ot logical eurvey conducted by the "Russia was the ooe Wg five years and composed of 53 United Nations has Indicated Allied power 100 per cent members elected under a sye- rich natural resources, as yet blockaded." I* said, "at a time tern of proportional represents- untapped.

I TIBER BUSHED Other truck* had their tires slashed and police reported that. Laltorri * A Literate People and bitterness and should strive togetoer account for over 80 per OUier together as one nation for the cent peace and prosperity that are important exports are nun. In the interior, par- when the nation w'as adv Mieing bon. In ibafcartrialt) " ' retain the present electoral addition the many large rivers, Kerensky seems almost *y»tem of proportional repre- which with their triixitaries j puzzled by toe farces' which on 1 *entation" based on party lists! 27, IS17, led to the but allowance i* made for modi- wiys, are poten^j|I sources rt *‘unex|)octed" upheaval fhat saw ficatiftos to allow for some cheep power, the abdication of Czar Nicholas constituency representation in .

We were so grateful for the industry and their loyalty.

How many other small businesses depend on the same loyalty? Why wouldn’t they move to Ontario or Quebec where the incentives are more enticing?

We can provide you with an electronic version of your yearbook that can assist you with reunion planning. At Stanford he presides over * , Hi, English faltered, lb* ryes a ' closed a. ™ m c la.sroorotoatlsa right wonta to tell fbe Lant “m Jl V are now history. *re immaculate bristled a* he spoke of NBto Jaij Hi* third-storey apartment la cl j Lenin, hi* great antagonist who * w - ~ as head of the Bolsheviks | Ckn took out overthrew hi* democratic-fed with 19th onented government in Nuvmv- rare ber 1917 . J'**' a i Ntxj UMp q Sid Rocrr Hank « 4 in" Hat w a»rt* n. m The Gromyko letter law down ,tton “ four principle* which he said he 1 ne*g —_ # hoped would be included In the 1 d-up krifl QV proper .treaty: otel. Ana Gmmur s*o • mj /«*/« |« m a o J^««'i d,v *™ id * ‘ ni ,v m k ^-sf2^isjz7,! m are By PETEK TATLOB leave‘^Cta Sr'lt the end^of NANAIMO - A blonde Vu-I August, to be succeeded *y \ J h “l J y “r S' oouwr cocktail waitress Brother Kevin Molloy. Amendment w, nmiwr «nrt The tour*# of history' changed in those dark fan and winter month* of 1917. J‘1 have hid people many, many letters — some Bim tow. _ quoting relatively recent Eng) -pm it is intended as a U’ortd War toems Hves and so tiati sources decoding secret document for history, not as a answered the moving ca M of the First World War agreements. |Currr nt analysis.” au Shor of "In Flanders Fields." "accepted money from toe I Kerensky, m an hour-long I forbore however to question Germans" with a long-range interview attempted to focus. he*ded by Sir Arthur Lewis, the West Indian Although no particular skill economist.

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