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Still, I felt I was finally getting the hang of residency. Many factors contribute to this dysfunction, and one looms large: a medical system dominated by for-profit private insurers. Writer Claire Cain Miller profiled female doctors whose specialties afford them flexible work hours that make it easier to balance their professional and caregiving responsibilities. This comparison of grades and objective testing further extended to cities and even regions in the country. No pun is intended here, but whether and how we touch our patients deserves our careful thought and deliberation.

There are people going through the hierarchical ranks with “gold medals” in science or engineering. It can be difficult to tease out the evidence-based science amidst the claims of successful adult stem cell-based treatments for a range of health problems from joint pain to Parkinson’s disease, macular degeneration, and spinal cord injury. So much interpersonal contact these days is virtual, with emojis, abbreviations and whole words thrown around as substitutes for human contact.

Yet the patient’s CT scan showed a number of large masses in the liver, consistent with metastatic cancer.

I compared the current study to the CT performed before surgery. I have been working on gun violence prevention for the past two years.

PCOS is also a common and treatable cause of infertility.

Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS), also known as polycystic ovarian syndrome, is a common health problem caused by an imbalance of reproductive hormones.

The liver had looked perfectly normal at that time. After the Las Vegas shooting, I worked with a fellow medical student to create a course teaching medical students about gun violence and how it relates to medicine. If Rudolph Virchow’s observation that “medicine is a social science and politics is nothing but medicine writ large” is true, then medicine is bias writ large because politics is nothing but bias on steroids.

We taught future physicians, the ones who will be responsible for treating gun injuries, about the complexities of firearms in America. Virchow’s maxim is now adopted by medical journals which freely mix medicine with politics.

It was very challenging: The patients had complex medical issues, and my fellow residents and I were given lots of responsibility for their care. We pay twice as much as other wealthy nations for health care, but receive some of the worst outcomes. She is now at baseline of her exertional dyspnea ... An article in the New York Times touting medicine as a family-friendly profession has stirred up critics who say it denies the reality of career sacrifice and gaps in leadership and pay that female physicians face. One of my coworkers who grew up in India told me that their teachers in grade school would post everyone’s scores in the hallway after every exam.No journal has taken this mixology to greater depths than the Lancet.In its pages, you’ll find tomes on the efficacy of ... Over the past few summers, I’ve been noticing that when it came to swimming in the deep end of the pool, I was fearful.The hormonal imbalance creates problems in the ovaries.The ovaries make the egg that is released each month as part of a healthy menstrual cycle.

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