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Officials say there will be three themes: responsibility, accountability, and transparency. People are beginning to connect the dots that when you have unaccountable power, people abuse it, whether they have Roman collars on or not.”In the early 2000s, after The Boston Globe Spotlight series on clergy sex abuse broke, the church in the United States moved to protect children from sex abuse.

Some observers have high expectations for change from the meeting, but others think the church is nowhere near enacting needed reforms. Pope, the professor, said in a telephone interview that “significant progress” was made in combating the problem.■ Pope Francis sparked outrage in January 2018 when he defended a bishop in Chile who was accused of protecting a pedophile priest. ‘‘I was part of the problem,’’ he told a Chilean abuse survivor in a private meeting at the Vatican in June.■ A Pennsylvania grand jury report released in August found that church leaders in Pennsylvania covered up sexual abuse by 300 priests.

meeting, one day a week so they do not have exposure to the Traditions and are not familiar with the basic 12 Step program. As long as outside literature is identified as such it could be used at the digression of the local group so long as it is a Group Conscience decision. Q2- I don’t know that the statement: Whom you see here, what you hear here, when you leave here let it stay here, is from Al-anon, nor coming or belonging to any particular fellowship. I think it is important to clearly explain that the literature is either S.

Again, this is a Tradition 4 issue and the group can decide whether or not to use it. Like in many groups, only the tradition of the month can be read each month. The AA Big Book suggests using outside sources for recovery.

It is unfortunate that any meeting does not read the 12 Traditions at some point during their meeting. We introduced the book as an AA publication and explained that we were using it because S. If someone doesn’t have a computer, they can also be found on pages 122 and 123 of the Basic Text. However, on a more practical level, and if we are strictly talking about just the list of the twelve traditions, it can be easily downloaded from the English page of the SLAA Website, page in which you will find the seven core documents ( . meetings, and I know it is being used in other fellowships too, printed with their own logo. My experience is that use of outside literature that is 12 Step literature from other 12 Step fellowships is very helpful for recovery in SLAA.

I do not think that eliminating helpful outside literature from our meetings causes unity. I think we should use it because it benefits our members, new comers, stragglers and long timers and helps create unity. I come from an AA background and when I was slipping in S.

I think our unity comes from our common desire to recover from our diseases by together using whatever is needed with use of the Steps and Traditions. Regarding the ‘let it stay here’ phrase; I think it is used in so many fellowships that it is not copyrighted or outside literature, but just a common saying.

My sponsee wouldn’t hear of it and became sort of an AA sponsee. I substituted “the qualifier” wherever it said alcohol.

It’s one of the things that I point to that led me to my S.

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