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Instantly, homesick little boys and girls that are in a safe home with friends and attending adults become sobbing, hug seeking piles of emotions.

Adults are just larger children with more experience.

Once we rationally think about this, we understand that no person in the world will be there every single minute of the day.

Think about the pre-teens and tweens going off to have an overnight with a friend, only to come walking out, tears drying, blanket in hand, and mommy or daddy holding the other hand as they load them up in the car at 11pm.

Happiness is not a graspable thing that you can hang on to. But the longer you try to hang on to it, the less you are able to keep it.

A life of super highs can bring with it super lows.

Even with all the rules in the world, like trying to date at the same time, we’ll get those feelings. I have been monogamous, polyamorous, a swinger, hypersexual, asexual, bisexual, successful in life, unsuccessful in life, and more.

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It’s a safe bet that when you see me publish an article, I’m not with a significant other.

And yet, while this is a short-term solution, the relationship hits roadblocks and people report feeling alone even when in the same house as their partner.

It also requires people to go long periods of time where they are merely dating people and spend every other night alone. It merely gives one the illusion that one person will always be there for them every minute of the day.

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We are like little Napoleons that are coming up with plans against an invisible enemy.

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