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A good, solid relationship mechanic paired with interesting or fun characters is something that will keep me utterly hooked to a game, regardless of its actual "quality," however you prefer to measure that.

Generally speaking, I would much rather play a barely interactive visual novel with well-realized relationships between the main characters than the most well-crafted game in the world that just happens to include characters or a plot that leaves me cold.

Or perhaps you've never encountered a game like this up close, in which case this column -- and a companion community playalong event, which we'll get to in a moment -- is very much aimed at you.

GAF poster Anne "apricotsushi" Lee is a Twitter friend of mine with whom I've had some fun discussions regarding Japanese gaming in the past.

The game itself is a visual novel, and a dating sim, and a brutally challenging strategy game, and an RPG.

With all its diverse mechanics, however, story is the priority, and so this sometimes means that a mission in the strategy game component might be interrupted by a half-hour visual novel sequence as your forces arrive at a specific location.

Every character has something to contribute and is a well-defined person in their own right -- which, in turn, makes them more than just a collection of stats and abilities on the strategic map and RPG battles.

Last month, she successfully organized a community playalong of Falcom titles dubbed, imaginatively enough, #Falcomonth.

This month, what with February being the month of love and all, she's decided to focus on dating sims by the somewhat broader definition given above -- i.e.

games that incorporate a relationship mechanic -- and is encouraging the community to join in and play along, either by sharing their thoughts on this Neo GAF thread if you're a member, or on Twitter by using the hashtag #Dating Si Month.

I love dating sims, whatever definition you choose to use.

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The people you meet speak neither English or Japanese, and thus Yuuto's early attempts at communication are frustrating to witness.

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