Pat mcgroin dating psychos

If you value your job, it’s best to have a chat with management and let them know that you are the unwilling participant in a psychopathic relationship, and that you are taking steps to exit the relationship and cut all ties.

This is a preventative step, in the event that the psychopath intends to get you ousted from your position at work.

Your friends may be a good support system if he or she hasn’t already poisoned them against you. Psychopaths are all about draining their victims, not only of their emotional wellbeing, but also everything that you may have, including money, power, status or reputation and any other possessions.

Preserve Your Rep Protect any reputation that you might have left.

This is a common psychopathic assault, and if they have been forewarned, they may be less likely to believe the ill reports that start coming in, like, you’ve been stealing from the company, selling drugs, or whatever stories they might concoct to discredit you in an effort to get you fired.

Once the psychopath realizes that you are avoiding them, not participating or interacting with them and have become un-scammable, they will (if they haven’t already) begin to bad-mouth you if they feel you might have knowledge of their psychopathy.

These attacks may present themselves in any way possible.

If you interact via the Internet, be aware that your social media contacts are standard prey for a psychopathic assault.

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