Pagan poly dating

If you are the kind of person that commits their whole self into a relationship, you will probably have trouble giving 100% of your love and care to several people.You should make sure you have a long track record of juggling a busy life without much struggle, and that you can balance your love life with your work, hobbies, and other interests semi-easily. It is now the truly modern age, brimming with truly modern men and women……and we are no longer so shy about fulfilling our sexual fantasies–even some that may have been repressed by generations before us.More couples are opting to be in open relationships–where they don’t confine themselves to sexual monogamy with their boyfriend/girlfriend.It’s one thing to have an infinite amount of love to give–it’s quite another to have an infinite amount of time, effort, resources, and even space to give to your partners.Being truly polyamorous doesn’t mean dating a few people at first, weeding them out, and then eventually ending up with one.

It is simply too difficult to predict the way things will play out, and speculating could very easily lead to second-guessing. This includes questions like how often you see your current girlfriend, whether or not you would have to cut back on that time, and any other long-term obligations that might be affected by an additional person.Think about it–if you’re dating multiple women, it’s quite possible that one of them (if not all) will start comparing the relationship you have with them to the relationship you have with the other women.And because there is no way to monitor the progress of your relationship with one of your partners, there is no way to regulate the situation and make sure it’s completely “fair.”That’s why openness and honesty are two pillars of poly relationships–polyamorous dating means no secrets, no deceit, and lots and lots of love. Even in my personal experience, I have spent time casually dating a few people here and there, thinking that there will be one person that will eventually stand out among the rest, and that if and when the time comes, my choice will be clear and simple.But it’s not always that easy dealing with people and feelings, hence the oft-experienced and super-fun situation we like to call The Love Triangle.So if you’re weighing the pros and cons of poly dating in your mind, here are the questions you need to consider before throwing caution to the wind: Before you’re juggling the emotions and calendars and food allergies of multiple people, it’s a good idea to evaluate your own state of being in all these areas.

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