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We only ever accept members who are genuine and committed to a long term relationship.Oxford University Computing Services, which hosts the Open Spires project, has for more that three decades also hosted the Oxford Text Archive.Publishers’ awareness of electronic resources grew throughout the 1980s, leading them to lobby for more clarity in copyright legislation.The Copyright, Designs and Patents Act 1988 (pdf) tightened the conditions under which libraries could make copies available for research and private study, as well as explicitly classifying digitisation as a form of copying.

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Even where a speaker is an Oxford employee, the University’s statutes governing intellectual property make it non-trivial to establish whether a specific work by an employee is claimed by the University or not (more on this in a later post).

The current processes, formed in relation to the University’s agreement with Apple to join the i Tunes U programme, involve the University taking licences from contributors in a way that allows it to sub-license the material to Apple and podcast listeners.

So Lou offered to host academic electronic resources on Oxford’s computing and storage infrastructure.

In this way the archive gradually grew partly from submissions and partly from Lou asking people at conferences for the resources they mentioned in their papers.

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