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Casting Call - Dating Brad Garrett Photo: Brad Garrett (Newscom) The overlooked big brother on Everybody Loves Raymond - you know who I mean...

Brad Garrett..tall 6-foot-8-inch one who played Robert Romano and second fiddle to little brother Ray!

Unlike many other underground boxing matches where desperate gamblers hatch a plan to score big, Albert and Charlie are betting on Billy to win.

Sure, Albert’s incarcerated dad, Vic, has money on a loss, but they’re not going to let his criminal enterprise influence their big chance to get out of debt.

After that show ended, he came back in a FOX series entitled "Til Death" (Eddie Stark), and now is trying his hand..rather, all of himself, on a new reality show named "Dating Brad Garrett." If you have ever longed or dreamt of this opportunity, here it is!

Sony Pictures TV, which produces the actor's current Fox sitcom, is overseeing production.

An online dating show seemed like a logical choice given that Im in the midst of a mid-life crisis, and adverse to pain, which makes getting my ear pierced out of the question, said Garrett.

Its inconsistency and irregularity makes Sonny unappealingly odd instead of authentically menacing — or even cartoonishly evil — and deadens most of Westwick’s inherent charms.The first hour uses its time wisely by explaining why Albert Hill ( Meet Albert, the son of a thief (Dougray Scott) who’s been locked up since he was a young boy.Albert is trying to do things the right way: supporting his family’s flower business and managing a fighter, Billy “Fuckin'” Ayers (on the side.Brad will be dating ten women in ten episodes as we viewers follow along to watch if a "love connection" happens on one of his blind dates.The lucky ladies will be chosen from the videos submitted on, where a panel of Garrett experts will be deciding who gets those nights on the town with the comedian.

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