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In the time between the first and second survey, so much of our communication technology was changing so rapidly.

In fact, nearly none of their family or friends knew Ariel and Ben met on e Harmony until the day of their wedding, when the couple stood at the front of the church looking out at the rows of packed pews, and their well-meaning pastor kicked off the ceremony by letting the cat out of the bag in front of their family, friends and God.She’s got a boyfriend named Felix now and they’ve been dating for almost a year. From the peculiar to the practical, these very real dating sites are for singles that know EXACTLY what they want in a partner.He’s another successful Ok Cupid match -- not the same one she went on her first real life Ok Cupid date with, but the one that has made her a self-described “online dating advocate.” “I've always been an advocate for it,” she said. We won’t claim to be experts on the culture of clown love, but even though this unlikely singles dating network boasts the tagline, “Everybody loves a clown…Let a clown love you,” somehow we think that’s just not true.However, because Tinder links with your Facebook, the ability to remain in relative anonymity that comes along with most other online dating platforms is lost on this social network, and it’s more than likely you’ll see a whole bunch of too-familiar faces as you’re standing at the bar swiping left and right with wild abandon.As a current resident of the Big Apple and a former Grand Rapidian, 21-year-old Cody Jones moved to New York City after landing a position at Nylon Magazine.

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