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However, if you know where to look, you can obtain illicit alcohol.

For example, if you are at a good hotel, you can ask the bell boy to serve you alcohol.

The restaurant is cliquey and opulent, providing an irreplaceable lavish environment to its customers.

Stunningly beautiful lamps are hanging from the ceiling, over each table, creating soft, comfortable mood.

Location: Gulshan 2 Cuisine: Mexican El Toro, located in the heart of Gulshan-1, serves authentic Mexican.

If you are in the mood for some delicious burritos, crispy nachos or any of the bona fide Mexican food, then El Toro is the place to go!

The most remarkable décor of Tastebud is probably all the mirrors, so many mirrors!

Glass ceilings high up, various mirrors on the wall, the comfortable sofas, Tastebud has truly lived up to the modern décor.

If you can’t get alcohol from your hotel, you will need to go to bars and clubs in Dhaka and ” and “Red Button” restaurants.The drinks inside IC and other members-only clubs are not expensive at all.Location: Banani 11 Cuisine: Mexican, Italian, American Located on the top floor of Hakkam Foundation, Banani 11, Smoke Music Café is not your average café.The ambience is softly light, with artistic wooden furniture, and arty lamps hanging from the ceiling, as if stargazing into lamp lights. Location: Banani Cuisine: Bakery, Café A cozy, sophisticated café set at street level, Tastebud is a welcome rarity in Dhaka.Large windows provide up-close views of the Banani, road 11, with the fascinating window waterfall.

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