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3.3 GSU hereby assigns to NARA all copyright that GSU does or may own in and to the Digitized Images by virtue of having created digital copies of original documents in the public domain. GSU will own all copyright and other intellectual property rights to the Digitized Materials (the Digitized Images with the associated metadata). Ancestry's owner, The Generations Network, has posted its Copyright Policy and in it they claim copyright on "content ...

I find it highly troubling that Family Search claims copyright in digitized images of public domain documents and if this clause made it into the final agreement, by signing the agreement NARA implicitly acknowledges that doctrine. created by us, or by third parties as work for hire, or where the copyright has been assigned to us." I hope that since the policy doesn't explicitly make claim to copyright in digitized public domain documents, that that is a reflection of the corporation's policy on the issue.

While I don't know that Ancestry has such an agreement in place, I know that they've published between 150 and 200 NARA record collections and are working on more.

However, when I read the draft agreement, clause 3.3 gave me heartburn.

The question resonated with me since at Ancestry I tried to evangelize a community model that I call the . This partnership will begin with a pilot project to digitize, index, and make available the first 3,150 of the pension files.Copyright is not the only way to protect intellectual property.Discussions on Ancestry's Terms and Conditions after the Internet Biographical Collection fiasco focused solely on their copyright claims, ignoring the remainder of the terms.From their About Us page: Shop Wiki is a guide designed to help consumers find specific products on the Internet with ease. Our wiki buying guides help you decide the best products to buy and where to buy them.

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