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Naruto stood in front of the mirror half-naked, his blue boxers old, and worn. Instead of it being spiked his hair laid flat on his head."Nah, I look better with my hair spiked! He started to get dress as someone knocked on the door."I'll be there in a minute!

sorry i couldnt hold my fingers typing it hehehehe) Enjoy :-p NOTE: the thing is preloader will load before the game is fully loaded.. that way it can gain some time to fully load the ENDINGS.. " Sakura nodded, and Naruto satisfied with the answer entered the changing room. The door opened and Kurenai walked into the room holding a bag. Kurenai smiled the smile she used when you totally owed her one."W-What's in the bag sensei?He had bought a couple pairs of the clothes on Sakura's request, saying it would be a good idea to have an extra pair or two lying around.(=^.^=) - (/)Hinata searched through her closet looking for just the right outfit for her date with Naruto. " Hinata asked the woman before her."A little gift," Kurenai replied.She pulled out a knee-length magenta skirt and a lavender sweater."T-Thanks sensei!" Hinata expressed grabbing the tank top and look at herself in the mirror.(=^.^=) - (/)A hushed silence filled the room.

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