Musalman wakf validating act 1930

However, such a waqf would only be constituted under a public waqf ie. Therefore, a waqf constituted by an insane or minor person is void.

In case a waqif is a pardanashin lady, it is the duty of the beneficiaries and the mutawalli to prove that the women had exercised her mind independently for constituting the waqf after fully understanding the nature of the transaction.

Having reserved by the Rajpramukh under Article 254(2) of the Constitution of India, for the consideration of the President, received his assent on 12th December, 1952.

An Act to provide for the adoption of certain Laws in Madhya Bharat Be it enacted as follows: 1. - (1) This Act may be called The Madhya Bharat Adoption of Laws Act, Samvat 2009 (2) It shall extend to the whole of Madhya Bharat. - The Indian Acts specified in the Schedule as amended up to the date of the commencement of this Act, are, for the purposes of this Act, adopted mutatis mutandis as the Acts of Madhya Bharat on and from the date of commencement of this Act.

The beneficiaries have only the interest in the trust to the extent mentioned in the trust.

Wakf is the creation of property for religious or charitable purposes which is established permanently.

In this article, she has emphasised upon the concept of Waqf under Muslim Law.It also has the backing of law ie.binding in nature and enforceable by law.If any person is of the view that his right has been infringed then he may seek remedy from the Civil Court.The concept of Waqf has been developed under Islamic Law.There was no concept of waqfs in Arabia before the advent of Islam.

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The doctrine of cypress is applicable also to waqfs.

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