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It has been a year since Raj and his friends graduated from a premier college in the state and are now working in the city.Raj hangs out with his buddies on weekends, has a girlfriend, is not shy to admit that he used to be on dating apps but is less active now.Tinder had learnt that giving sex a good name was an impossible task in our country.Tinder knew what the nation wanted — saccharine-styled Panglossian relationships.

This circle of friends at an upmarket nightclub in the heart of IT city, Bengaluru, is surely not one of a kind.

Almost all his friends are using or have used dating apps; the girls though, are not so forthcoming in admitting that. These three words best define the new dating paradigm.

By now most of the liquid in their glasses is consumed and the volume of the music is pumped up. If you are looking for a date you can get it instantly.

They’d convince a woman to sleep with them as easily as they convinced Mummy and cricketers. The truth is that Tinder does not entitle men to casual sex.

Tinder is not a magic wand for a woman to worship a man’s wand. Tinder’s first ad in India, launched a few weeks ago, showed a mother cheerfully sending off her philistine daughter to an afternoon Tinder date.

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They, very often, objectify the female body and abnegate her identity.

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