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Currently, Kid is coach of the amateur boxing team at the Circle of Discipline and is also responsible for the day-to-day operations of the Circle facility.

Jamal James has been a part of the Circle of Discipline since he was five years old. D., Jamal is also a prominent professional welterweight boxer who ranks highly in the World Boxing Association, has had numerous televised boxing matches, and is very close to challenging for a world title championship match.

She was the Chief of Officials for USA Boxing Local Boxing Association Minnesota for eight years.He started volunteering at the age of 10 where he would teach technique to some of the younger kids and volunteer at fundraisers and community outings. and has recently started a leadership group for young men and women where they discuss topics that better prepare them on how to handle life’s hurdles. Known by his ring name SHANGO around the nation, he uses the fame he receives through his success in his professional boxing career as platform to show young men and women at the C. D., as well as around the nation that through humility, hard work, dedication, and a strong belief that your dreams and goals can be accomplished.Now, Jamal is an assistant trainer, advocate, and mentor down at the C. He will tell you himself that all these qualities were instilled in him through his time spent at the Circle Of Discipline.Adonis is a native of Minneapolis, MN and graduate of Washburn High School. Frazier is a community advocate and has worked in a number of high schools and middle schools and also assisted in organizing the collaboration between Brooklyn Park Junior High and the Circle of Discipline, Inc. (Children of Righteous Elevation) to work diligently in the community to open up the minds and hearts of at-risk youth.Prior to becoming a Program Advocate, he was an amateur and a professional boxer coming along with the same group as Floyd Mayweather, Antonio Tarver, and the late Diego Corrales, but had to stop boxing after sustaining an injury in an automobile accident. He has followed in the footsteps of his family going back to his grandparents and his parents by working unselfishly to put back what has been lost in his community as well as the communities of people that we have embraced.

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