Matt leinart dating laguna beach

Tre didn't let to get to him b/c he's a cool dude (which he is actually) and didn't want to let a girl get in the way of his friendship. Anyway, these guys are like celebrities now, especially with 16 yr old girls which he said is the hardest thing.

The reason why Kristen is such a bitch to Stephen now is he got so much play in SF, basically everywhere he went as he commanded it.

).3) That dude Matt that Kristen is "dating" is Matt Leinart, USC quarterback.

He called her up after the first season and invited her up to watch a game of his.

Tre dated her up until the beginning of his junior year I guess.

He said you never really see them interact in the first season and when you do it is awkward.

Seriously, the reason no one really goes after her is because she took it from everybody her first few years.In 2004, the university came back to the games to reclaim its title and it was also in this year when Matt Leinart won the Heisman trophy.Matt Leinart is also known to be left-handed in playing and in this way, he is also a unique player.Apparently he digs her, but that is just the word from Laguna, I'm sure his SC buddies would tell it differently4) Maxim is offering all the Laguna girls half a million each to pose for their magazine.That would be awesome by the way5) Tre used to date Kristen and in fact that's how she got to know Stephen!

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