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Patrick (born on March 17, 1968; birth name: Patrick Mathews) is an American actor best known for his portrayal of Keith Charles on the HBO drama television series Six Feet Under. The Scotland School for Veterans' Children, founded in 1895, is the last remaining school for children of veterans in the United States. Patrick lived in New York and then for 8 years in Chicago. Patrick worked as a delivery salesman for Coca Cola, for UPS, for a furniture store and for Union Pacific Railroad.

He was the first voice of Skulker (2004) on Danny Phantom and starred as the principal detective in the Fox fall drama, Reunion (2005).They are constantly snapped in baseball and basketball games. He also took her to Switzerland in order to meet his mother and the rest of the family.When Kane is asked about having someone in his life he answered simply that there is Patrick Kane girlfriend, but does not go into this deeper detail, however things changed not long after that when he became most confident with his skills, his team-mates said Kane has grown, and was more confident.Kane’s girlfriend Amanda Grahovec is not a fan of social media and not much is known about her, but what we heard is that she is not the jealous type!Let’s not forget Kane has a reputation with the ladies.

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Patrick lives with his partner, Georgia Martin, an air hostess, and their son, Ethan (who was born on the anniversary of Patrick's father's death).

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