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He leaves the hospital and goes back to high school.

; RR: Wondeopul Raipeu) is a 2005 South Korean television series starring Kim Jaewon, Eugene, Lee Ji-hoon, Han Eun-jung and Jung Da-bin.

Hyun Seo came to like So Young as she let her do whatever she wanted and came to think that they could understand each other very well.

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She will play the role of a love messenger between her father Ji Seung Il and Jang Na Ra in the drama later.

In addition, actresses usually try to show their beautiful appearances, but Jang Na Ra reportedly maintained her smile the entire time while filming even though he looked very ridiculous with her funny make-up, and her passionate acting drew a large ovation from production staff members.

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Heartbroken, Seung-wan goes drinking with Se-jin and turns to her for comfort, and they end up having a one-night stand in a hotel in Sentosa.

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