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And not only that, but someone who can make you laugh, and someone who has a great butt (laughs).

Speaking of Total Divas, Bella sisters are interesting characters, aren’t they?

"I just finished The Golden Compass, which is a kids book, so that was a great one. "I used to marry my Barbie dolls to Rowdy Roddy Piper. Her father played the drums as a child.- She takes vocal and acting classes when she can.- She just bought a place in Los Angeles, so she now has residences in L. and Chicago, her hometown.- She is currently not single: "I was single; I was single for a long time and then I had met someone and I had started dating him for about four and a half to five months.

I had split up from the guy I was dating nine months ago, and then I found somebody and started dating them." - What she looks for in a guy: "Someone that I can count on.

Fans were already surprised by the management decision to change Maria, who was a fan favorite face character, to a heel (2009), and then when she was released in early 2010, fans couldn’t believe the decision. However, she was a hot property and everyone expected WWE to renew her contract. From Maria’s point of view, WWE released her because she wanted to do something outside the ring and because of selling-rights issues.

Many of WWE’s fans thought WWE heads lost their minds when 2009’s WWE Diva of the year, Maria got released in 2010. So, what happens is if you are a WWE superstar and you are not few exceptions such as John Cena, you will get released or fired if you try to pursue aspirations other than wrestling.

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She has never been hesitant to show neither her physical beauty nor her inner beauty and maturity.

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