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Rajeev Kadam from Divinity Metrics, a company that provides video metrics for media companies, got in touch with me and provided these historical stats for the CSS video for the last five weeks.Here’s a chart of that data, or you can see the spreadsheet.It’s hard to get a sense of the scale, which roused suspicions in the first place.To put it in perspective, in the seven days from March 7-13, the CSS video gained 17 million new views.That’s more views than this week’s top 20 videos received, combined.In one week, the CSS video got nearly as many views as the insanely huge Crank That (Souljah Boy) received in 7 months.The police immediately rushed to the scene and arrested the man.Afterward, the police put him in a detainment room for him to sober up and is currently being detained for investigation in accordance to law.

I want to tell all the sisters of our motherland: “The night is dark, your family is waiting for you to return home; The day is late, don’t go out alone, and especially when it is summer, don’t dress so revealingly!After weeks of criticism from You Tube commenters, the creator of the popular fan-made “Music Is My Hot Hot Sex” video finally pulled it offline.(It’s still mirrored here.) On March 7, You Tube administrators removed it from its #1 spot on the rankings while they investigated it.Where: Beijing city 100 meters south of the Xuanwumen subway entrance opposite the Sogo Department Store. At the time, Big Brother [referring to self] was getting off work and closing the shop and a Little Brother [referring to a younger man] ran over in a panic, “Big Brother, hurry, there’s someone crying for help over there”.At the time, Big Brother didn’t think much about it, because when the road is not level, Big Brother will go level it [when one sees a problem, one does something], and quickly rushed to the scene, but what bitterly disappointed Big Brother was that there were so many people there on the side of the road watching but not doing anything.

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