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This iteration of Anakin was head-over-heels in love with Natalie Portman's Princess Amidala and his power with the force was never truly understood in this film.Revenge Of The Sith, however, allowed Hayden to fully explore the power of the Dark Side and saw him execute the notorious Order 66 and ultimately become Darth Vader.Although the couple had a brief split in 2010, they were bag together just a few short months later.The couple have a child together, Briar Rose, but sadly they broke up in September 2017.Star Wars is known for legendary lines like when Darth Vader told Luke in Empire Strikes Back: "No, I am your father." But the best line, and most loved by Hayden fans, is Anakin's passionate rhetoric about sand.While speaking with the woman he loved, Padme Amidala, he riffs: "I don't like sand.

She tried to make it work for years.” Rachel recently opened up about life with their daughter Briar Rose, 2, telling La Palme magazine, "I may have another child.

“They’re dating again,” a friend of the fashionista actress told the celebrity magazine.

Bilson and Christensen announced their engagement in February 2009, after they met on the set of “Jumper,” but a source told Us Weekly in June the couple were “taking about a month off,” to reconsider the status of their relationship.

Although both of these films sometimes see criticism, anyone who hasn't fallen to the Dark Side will know that the Prequels are fantastic and that is no small part down to Hayden's presence as Anakin.

Attack Of The Clones was for many their first experience of Hayden as an actor, and was finally a glimpse into what Darth Vader was like before he became the villain we came to know in the Original Trilogy.

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