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Magical Melody is rendered in 3D, but based on a grid (instead of the isometric view used in 2004's Wonderful Life), which makes moving around and planting things a little easier. Cafes and inns won't open until after you've shipped enough produce to support them.You can play as either a girl or boy in this version (although the mechanics of wooing a mate are similar), and there are multiple plots of land to buy and build on. Once you ship enough clay, an old man will arrive and set up a pottery shop, and once you start planting fruit trees a fellow will show up in town to build an orchard. During one game I wasn't shipping enough sweets, and a few townspeople moved away.In Harvest Moon: Magical Melody, you build yourself a farm with the intention of fitting in to a bustling rural community.

Return to the Pottery shop, and Saibara will give you an Aging Pot. *Mixing Pot: Get Saibara at 5 hearts, and see him the next day in his shop. *Strawberry: Ship 50 cabbages, then they will be in Spring Farm, OR just buy a Spring Seed Pouch (the variety seed pouch) and plant it. Recipes: This crop can be used for things like juices and shakes. (Books vary upon season.) *Blacksmith: Ship 1 of every ore.

Just go to the Mayor's house so he can give you the Potato Gratin Recipe.

Version 1.0: The Guide was created on May 10th, 2006. *~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~* *~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~1. Recipes~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~* *~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~* Here are the recipes that must be unlocked. *Grass Juice: Ship 1 of every ore so Tai's Blacksmith moves in. Grass Juice Recipe: Cooking Tool: Mixer Ingredients: ? Get him at 2 hearts, and then the next day go to his shop (if it's not closed.) He will ask you to go remind the Mayor of a clay plate that he needs to pick up.

No, it's not the next Metroid, and it's not meant to be.

The Harvest Moon games have always been distinctly non-violent diversions that emphasize hard work and community building.

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