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"I'm more proud that I wrote a book that people bought or that I did.

I don't even tell people that I did [Diane Von Furstenberg's Despite her unassuming attitude though, there's something undeniably magnetic about her — something that has obviously contributed to her position as an internet fixation for the past decade-plus.

The red ink tattoo above it says “Never Mind The Bollocks” for the Sex Pistols’ classic punk album In this photo Hanna Beth Merjos shows off her freshly-done crown tattoo inspired by the work of graffiti artist Jean-Michel Basquiat.

She also has safety pin tattoos on both arms, a skull on her wrist, and “Beautiful Life” on her hands — “Life” is shown here while “Beautiful” is on her other hand.

Despite all of this though, Hanna still wouldn't change a single thing about her trajectory — after all, as she puts it, Myspace was what helped her find "purpose" during those pivotal teenage years.

"I didn't understand like what I was going to do in life, because I was just like, 'What the fuck is going on?

"Now I feel like everyone wants you to be the same...

Back then it didn't matter how many likes you got or what was going on." with her best friend, bowling, or hanging out with her younger brothers — activities she relishes as definitively offline.

She is extremely popular on social media with more than 300,000 followers on her barbiebeth Instagram account.

She was briefly engaged to actor Chris Zylka in 2014.

The sun is just beginning to set on the LA Strip when Hanna Beth arrives — a vision of glitter and Gucci amidst the wood-paneled sports bar she's suggested for our meeting.

Arguably a social media maven before most people had the foresight to even consider it a career, Hanna influenced a generation of suburban misfits to embrace Gloomy Bear merch and an extreme side part as one of the de-facto Queens of Myspace.

Alongside the likes of Kiki Kannibal and Izzy Hilton, Hanna joined a crew of powerful online icons who helped morph internet culture into the beast it is today — selfies, influencers, et al.

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